We're making online rentals easy with the Saxophone.com mySax Manager. Follow these steps to get started!

  1. Join Saxophone.com Join Now
    For your security, you will have to click a link in an activation email sent to the email you register with to prove ownership of that email. Joining with Facebook does not have to use the activation email.
  2. Log into Saxophone.com Log in Now
  3. Once logged in, the mySax link will be in the top menu. Goto mySax Now
  4. To get started, click the new rental button.
    1. Find the insturment you would like to rent in the list.
    2. Click the 'New', 'Used', or 'Order' button for that instrument.
      • New = New instrument in stock
      • Used = Used instrument in stock
      • Order = No instrument in stock, will have to be ordered
    3. Fill out the 'Personal/Shipping Information' form and click update
      We require SSN for accounts that become extremely delinquent and unresponsive to contact attempts. We will always try to work with your situation.
    4. Complete the Credit Cards section
      We require two different cards to be on file. Your secondary card will only be charged the amount of shipping to verify it is a valid card.
    5. Thoroughly read through the Rental Terms and Conditions Agreement section of the Saxophone.com Rental Form. (Page 3)
    6. Click 'Agree to the Saxophone.com Terms & Conditions and Submit'
      By clicking this button, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Saxophone.com. Please read them thoroughly!

Once you submit the form, please allow up to 48 hours to process your rental. You can track the progress of your rental at anytime on the mySax Manager.


Can I call in my rental order instead of using this form?
Of course! Feel free to call in for any reason. 1-800-COOL-SAX (266-5729) or Las Vegas local at (702) 263-6826
Why do I need to use two credit cards?
Since we will not do a credit check, we require a secondary credit card number instead as backup.
Will my secondary card ever be charged?
Yes. Initially, it will be charged the shipping amount and then only in the event your primary card is declined for any reason (usually expired).
I only have one credit card. Can I still rent an instrument?
A secondary card is required. For any special cases, please call.
Why do I need to give you my Social Security Number (SSN)?
We require a SSN in the event an account becomes delinquent and uncontactable. At Saxophone.com, we understand that things happen and will do everything in our power to help you keep your instrument. We just ask that you stay in contact with us throughout your hardship.